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Time-out in Muddus national park

What if trees could speak…

Muddus national park, part of the UNESCO world heritage site Laponia, is considered one of the most silent places in Sweden. Deep canyons and spectacular waterfalls cuts through an old pine forests. Lichens hanging from the trees witness of pure and clean air but is also food for the reindeers that stays in the forest both winter and summer. Our weekend hike in Muddus takes us across great mires and along trails through the national park that is home to both bears, moose and great birds like ptarmigans and wood-grouse.

People have lived in the area for thousands of years. Still today, the great forests in Muddus is an important grazing area for the reindeers from several different Sami communities. Along the hike in Muddus we’ll look for traces of human activity such as hunting pit system and old overgrown hearths. We stay in huts along the trail, cook food over open fire and eat berries directly from the bushes.

Deep ravins and spectacular waterfalls cuts through the ancient pine forest.

This hike is for you who…

…wants to get out of town for the weekend and would like to experience the ancient forest in Muddus national park. You should be able to hike 7-15 kilometers per day and carry a backpack of around 10 kg. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your physical ability or experience level.

Food and accommodations

Laponia Adventures put a lot of effort into preparing the menus for our tours. A typical day starts with a Swedish breakfast in the huts and in the evening we cook dinner together. Our dinners are inspired by local food from the Sami culture as well as more general Swedish food. As long as weather permits we will have a longer break during the day to eat a lighter lunch and re-energize. On this weekend hike you will get the chance to collect berries directly from the bushes and cook food over an open fire.

On our hike in Muddus national park we stay two night in forest huts without electricity or running water. In the huts we all help with the daily duties such as carrying water or cooking dinner. The third night will be staying in a Tentipi transported in by our support team. We will provide you with inflatable mats and sleeping bags that keep you warm all night.

By the huts, and on some places along the trail, there are outhouses available. The last day of the tour we will stay in a hostel where you will share room with other participants of the group. This last day you will of course have access to water-toilets, showers and a sauna.

Guides and support

We work with local guides who have good knowledge of the culture and history in Laponia. They are all certified guides trained in wilderness first aid or live up to the same standard or higher. In the beginning of the tour our support team will drive us out to Muddus national park and in the end they will pick us up.

Here you’ll find our Terms and conditions


Included meals marked each day with B=breakfast, L=lunch and D=dinner


We’ll meet you in Jokkmokk at 12.00 starting with lunch together before we start our hike in Muddus national park. The hike today takes us through an old pine forest to Muttosaggahtjaldak and a forest hut not far away from a powerful waterfall that dives down into the canyon. We have dinner together and end the day with a dessert made from berries that we have picked our self.

Hiking distance: about 7 km, elevation gain/loss: +150/-50m, estimated time out hiking 3h

We arrange transfer from the airports in Luleå. Pick-up latest 9.00.


We start the day with a generous breakfast. In the morning we explore the hunting pit system not far away from the hut before continuing to Muttosluoppal where we spend the second night in Muddus national park. The trail takes us through an open forest and across Luobbalaáhpe, a mire with a rich birdlife during the summer. Close to Muttosluoppas there is a bird observation tower from where you can look out over the mires and forest around us.

Hiking distance: 9km + optional day hike, elevation gain/loss: +50/-20 m, estimated time out hiking: 3h + day hike


We wake up early in the morning and climb the bird watching tower to see how the forest and the mire slowly wake up around us. The trail takes us along to another small hut in the forest where we have lunch around the fire before we continue to Nammavárre, our home for the night. We will be staying all together in a Tentipi close to a small cabin and cook dinner over the fire.

Hiking distance 14 km, elevation gain/loss: +100/-75 m, estimated time out hiking: 6h


After breakfast we continue along the trail to the south-eastern corner of Muddus national park. We visit Måskågårså, a spectacular ravin before we finish our hike in Muddus by the road in Sárggavárre. We drive back to Jokkmokk where have a shower before our last dinner together. For those who would like to take the train back already tonight we drive you to Murjek to catch the late night train. Otherwise you are welcome to stay at Jokkmokk hostel for the night.

Hiking distance 15 km, elevation gain/loss: +50/-100m, estimated time out hiking: 6h


We have breakfast at the hostel before saying good-bye. Stay another day in Jokkmokk and catch the night train or fly home from Luleå airport.

We can arrange transfer to the airports in Luleå.

Tour info:

Price: SEK 8250
Date: Sep 26-30 2019
Start: Jokkmokk 12.00
End: Jokkmokk (flexible)
Group size: 4-8


The price includes:

  • Local English and Swedish speaking guides
  • Accommodation 2 nights in huts, 1 night in Tentipi
  • Transfer to Murjek train station or 1 night in hostel including bed-linen
  • All meals and snacks including dinner at restaurant in Jokkmokk
  • Transfer Jokkmokk-Muddus-Jokkmokk
  • Safety equipment
  • Camping equipment
  • Storage of travel luggage


  • Pick-up and drop-off at the airport in Luleå: SEK 1500 round trip

A normal day in september offers temperatures from 5-15 degrees Celsius. Night temperatures can drop below freezing and we can get lots of rainfall or potentially snow. Normally there are no mosquitos this time of the year.

Special diet
Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Passport & Visa
Make sure you check the current regulations for passport and visa to travel to Sweden.

We recommend you to have valid travel insurance.

We may need to adjust the route and the itinerary according to the conditions for the local reindeer herders, as well as current weather.

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