Snowmobile support - Laponia Adventures

Snowmobile support

We arrange snowmobile transports where we drive you out to or pick you up from various mountain huts or National Park boundaries in Laponia. You get more time in the remote areas that you want to experience without having to ski for a whole day or two to get there. You can choose to book a seats on one of our fixed tours and pay per person, or book your own snowmobile transport to one of our standard destinations. If you don’t find the destination where you would like to go or a date that works with your plans, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Map – Snowmobile support out of Kebnats/Saltoluokta
Map – Snowmobile support out of Ritsem

During the transportation you will sit in a sledge behind the snowmobile, or in some occasions, behind the driver on the snowmobile. We provide you with insulated foam pads and warm blanket to stay warm during the transportation. But we also recommend you to dress warm and according to the weather conditions. A helmet will be provided if you sit behind the driver.

Snowmobile transports often takes you out far away from modern civilization and we are very much on our own out there. We make sure our snowmobiles are in good conditions to avoid problems along the way, but the weather or the machines can still create unpredictable situations. Our drivers bring safety equipment for navigation and communication as well as shovel, saw and repair kit to fix minor problems with the snowmobiles or to clear the trail. We recommend you to bring the following equipment to be prepared for unpredictable situations along the way.

  • Thicker down jacket and goggles
  • Thermos with hot water
  • Emergency food or larger snacks
  • A thinner sleeping bag
  • Tent or wind-sack as emergency bivack

We can also help you plan your route, store equipment, buy food for your adventure or sell fuel for your outdoor stove. Please see Outdoor support for more information.

Fixed tours or private snowmobile

Fixed tours

On our fixed tours you book a single seat and pay per person. We take maximum 4-5 adults and we will need a minimum of 2 guests to run the transportation. The price includes transportation for one person, skis and a large backpack or sledge. If you have more luggage, please contact us for at special agreement.


  • Kebnats-Saltoluokta-STF Sitojaure-STF Aktse
  • Akte-Saltoluokta-STF Sitojaure-STF Aktse
  • Kebnats-Saltoluokta-Risjákjávrre-Vitastenen
  • Vitastenen-Risjakjávrre-Saltoluokta-Kebnats
  • Ritsem-STF Akka-Kutjaure National Park border-STF Kutjaure
  • STF-Kutjaure-Kutjaure National Park border-STF Akka-Ritsem


Private snowmobile

If you are a group traveling together or the date or destination doesn’t match your plans, a private snowmobile can be an option. The price includes transportation for up to four adults, skis and a large backpack or sledge/person. If you have more luggage, please contact us for at special agreement.


  • Kebnats/Saltoluokta
  • STF Ritsem


  • STF Akka
  • STF Vaisaluokta
  • Kutjaure National Park Border
  • STF Kutjaure
  • STF Sitasjaure
  • STF Hukejaure
  • STF Sitojaure
  • STF Aktse
  • Risjákjávrre
  • Vita stenen