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Sarek National park

High alpine peaks and deep valleys

Sarek national park is one of the most alpine areas in Sweden with several peaks above 2000 meters, over 100 glaciers and turquoise lakes colored by the ice-cold glacier water. But you also find u-shaped valleys where globeflowers and Alpine blue sow-thistle grows. Down in the lush Rapa valley the great Sarek moose feeds up to survive the harsh winter.

For thousands of years the Sami people have lived and traveled through Sarek national park. It is an important grassing area for the reindeers during their migration from winter to summer grassing area and back again. If you look carefully you might discover old fireplaces from the hearths where people have lived and pitfalls from the time when wild reindeer where hunted.

In Sarek national park you find no marked trails or overnight cabins. Previous experience from camping in the mountains and advanced navigation is required. The weather can be severe with cold temperatures, strong wind and heavy rain or snow fall. In summertime there are many rivers to cross and the water level can rise fast. There are a few bridges to help you across the most difficult river crossings. In the winter avalanches can run across the wide valleys and even break the ice on the lakes. Most peak ascents require alpine equipment.

How to get here
Sarek national park can be reached from the Padjelanta trail in the west, the Kungsleden trail in the east and from the road to Ritsem in the north. Popular access points are Ritsem, Saltoluokta and Kvikkjokk to where you can travel by car or bus. You can also get in by hiking in to Aktse cabin or crossing the Suorva damm in the north.