Price list for rental equipment - Laponia Adventures

Price list rental equipment 2021

This is a complete price list for our rental equipment. For an extra fee, we also deliver gear to the following places.
– Jokkmokk bus station SEK 80
– Gällivare train station SEK 200
– Saltoluokta/Ritsem mountain lodges SEK 250
If you choose different location for pickup and drop-off we’ll treat you to the cheapest fee.

NOTE: For pickup and drop-off for kayaks and canoes. Please contact us for price information.

Book your equipment online! Online bookings are available until 7 days before your session starts.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like us to help you with your booking.

Item1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6 days7 daysextra day
Ski equipment package
(skis, skins, poles, boots)
Ski poles10013016019022025028010
Ski boots15020025030035040045030
Long skins10012014016018020022010
Snowshoes ink poles25035045055065075085030
Trekking poles10013016019022025028010
Backpack 60-100l12017022027032037042030
Backpack 30-50l10012515017520022525015
Winter clothing (jacket, pants, boots, hat, gloves)3507001050130015501800195080
Winter shoes200350500600700800
Winter camp shoes7010013016019022025015
Multifuel stove15020025030035040045025
Winter sleeping bag17022528033539044550025
Summer sleeping bag15019524028533037542020
Insulation mat inflatable15018021024027030033015
Insulation mat foam pad6075901051201351505
Tent 1 person340450560670780890100050
Tent 2-3 persons45060075090010501200135075
Tentipi 9 5007009001100130015001700100
Tentipi 1570090011001300150017001900100
Avalanche equipment
(transceiver, shovel & probe)
Inreach ink 10 messages47556064573081590599040
Satellite phone ink 10 min94011001260142015801740190080
Kayak single45090013501800200020002000280
Kayak double650130019502600280028002800300
Ally canoe790158023703160350035003500350
Canadian canoe45090013501800200020002000280
Inflatable canoe650130019502600280028002800300