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Kungsleden and Sarek Deluxe

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  • Kungsleden in winter
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  • Kungsleden in winter
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The relaxed and comfortable ski adventure

Ski along the famous Kungsleden trail in winter and experience Sarek National Park on day tours. We travel with light daypacks through snow-covered virgin forest and across wide-open alpine landscape. Our luggage, food and equipment are transported between the huts by our support team. In the evening we cook tasty dinners and enjoy the luxury of wood heated saunas. In the mountains there are no light pollution and on a clear evening we have great chances to enjoy the northern light dancing across the sky.

The 425 km long King’s trail is the longest trail in Sweden and can be travelled both during winter and summer. Along most of the trail you’ll find self-serviced mountain huts and mountain lodges where you can enjoy the warmth after a chilly day in the mountains. When traveling along Kungsleden in winter from Aktse to Saltoluokta we are traveling along the border to Sarek National Park and experience great views and a varying landscape with old pine trees and open mountain landscape.

Our idea with this tour is to experience Kungsleden and Sarek in a more comfortable way. We ski with light day packs, eat tasty food and enjoy wood-heated sauna

This tour is for you

… who want to experience the arctic winter in the mountains without carrying a heavy backpack. For safety reason, you’ll have to carry about 5 kg including some safety gear. To ski Kungsleden in winter you’ll don’t need any earlier mountain experience but you should be comfortable with cross-country skiing. Recommended age from 16 years old. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your physical ability or experience level.

The plan is to:
  • Ski from hut-hut with a light backpack
  • Look for the northern light
  • Get spectacular views of Sarek National Park
  • Enjoy a mountain SPA with wood-heated saunas
  • Eat well and enjoy local specialties
Book and pay your tour online

Book by filling in this booking form online. We will manually review your booking to make sure that the tour will suite you and that we still have availability. If everything looks okay we will send you a confirmation by email within shortest possible time. You will be charged a 20% deposit at time of booking and the rest 30 days before your tour starts. You can choose to pay with credit card or bank transfer.

Read about what we do to make our tours covid-safe.

Here you’ll find our complete Terms and conditions



Food and accommodations

The first night we stay in a guesthouse in the center of Jokkmokk where you’ll share a room with other participants from the group. The house, built almost 100 years ago, was owned by the state forestry company, being the home of the local forester. And still today it feels like coming home when entering the front door. Caisa, who runs the place will cook dinner for us in the evening and prepare the breakfast in the morning. On this tour you will get the chance to try local specialties such as reindeer, moose and fish from the mountains. Please let us know when making your reservation if you prefer vegetarian or vegan food or if you have any allergies.

In the mountains

When we ski Kungsleden in winter we’ll stay three nights in cozy cabins surrounded by high peaks and great lakes. Our support team will make sure your luggage gets from one cabin to another and that the cabin is warm when you arrive. You’ll share a room, or cabin, with other participants from the group and access to electricity and cellphone coverage will be very limited. Outhouses will be found not far away from the huts and during the days the nature around us offers cool toilet spots, often with scenic mountain views. There is no running water in the cabin but you will have access to both warm and cold water. In Aktse, where we stay for two night there is a wood-heated sauna to enjoy your own mountain SPA.

Food is a large part of experiencing Kungsleden in winter and we want to eat good and feel well. As long as weather permits we will have a longer break during the day to enjoy lunch prepared by our support team. In the evening we’ll cook tasty dinners together using local specialties such as moose and reindeer. We finish the week at the restaurant in Saltoluokta mountain lodge, well-known for its generous dinner. But before we have dinner, we take a well-needed shower and enjoy a hot sauna. This is also the place where we stay for the night in warm rooms with nice beds.

What is a supported ski tour?

On this tour we will be accompanied by a support team that transport the luggage, food and equipment from hut to hut. When skiing you will be carrying a daypack with some warm clothes and safety equipment.

Travel here

Get on the night train in Stockholm in the evening and arrive Jokkmokk the next morning. This is not only the best option for the planet, it is also a cool experience. Book your own private cabin or just a single bed in a cabin with 3 or 6-beds. In the morning you get off the train in Murjek where you board bus 43 for a last hour of traveling before arriving Jokkmokk. There is a bus stop (named Åsgatan) only a few hundred meters from the guesthouse where you will be staying. You can purchase both the train and the bus ticket online at sj.se. Simply enter Stockholm Central to Jokkmokk bus station and it will give you the options.

If you prefer you can fly directly from Stockholm to Luleå Airport from where we can organize a pick-up. Depending on the flight schedule you may have to fly in the day before and stay a night in Luleå. We can pick you up directly at the airport or at any of the hotels in central Luleå.

We will finish the tour in Jokkmokk. If you choose to travel by bus and train you can book your bus ticket to Murjek or Boden and continue with the night train to Stockholm. For you who choose to fly we can organize a transfer to Luleå Airport.

However you choose to travel here, flexible tickets are recommended. Even if we have planned with an extra day during our week in the mountains, conditions can delay our return to Jokkmokk. We also recommend you to have a valid travel insurance and check passport and VISA rules for traveling to Sweden.

Arrival and departure

We will meet you at Jokkmokk Guesthouse at 12.00 on day 1 or pick you up at 9.00 in Luleå if you add a pickup to your booking. After the tour you may book your bus and train ticket from Jokkmokk after 11.00 or book a drop-off at the airport in Luleå. We will be there in time for any flights after 15.00.

Stay warm and happy

During this ski tour along Kungsleden in winter we see all kinds of weather. We can experience sunshine and -20 degrees during the day but also +5 degrees with wet snow and strong winds. Night temperatures often drop down to -30. Our packing list helps you to decide what to bring to stay warm and happy on the tour.

Packing list – Kungsleden Deluxe >>

Small groups and local guides

We want you to have the best experience possible on this ski tour along Kungsleden in winter. Therefore, we travel in small groups of maximum 12 guests in total. All our guides live in the area and have good knowledge of the culture and history in Laponia. They are all certified guides trained in wilderness first aid or live up to the same standard or higher.

Solo travelers

Many of our guests travel on their own and don’t know anyone else in the group when arriving Jokkmokk. It is a great opportunity to find new outdoor friends. Solo travelers are of course welcome to book the tour, but we will need a minimum of four guests in total to run the tour.


Included meals marked each day with B=breakfast, L=lunch and D=dinner


We will meet you at Jokkmokk guesthouse and have lunch together before we head out to try out the skiing equipment on a shorter ski tour. We give you an introduction to skiing Kungsleden in winter and check the equipment for the tour. You will also have time to prepare your private luggage and get to know the other people in the group.

In the evening you’ll have time to check into your rooms before we enjoy dinner in the restaurant at the guest house.


After breakfast we pack the minibus and head west to Seitevare from here we’ll continue in sledges behind snowmobiles. We will be dropped off up in the mountains and continue on skis with light backpacks. In front of us the views over Sarek National Park starts and in the evening, we will arrive to the hut and have dinner together hoping for a glimpse of the northern light.

Distance on skis: 10 km, elevation gain/loss: +50 m, estimated time out skiing: 5h


We discover Sarek National Park during the day and in the afternoon, you will have time for a mountain SPA with wood-heated sauna.


With skins under the skis we climb the steep hill behind the cabin and soon get rewarded by great panoramic views from the open tundra. The downhill on the other side gives us some easy kilometers before skiing the last stretch to the hut across lake Sitojaure. In the west we see the pointy peaks where Sarek National Park starts.

Distance on skis: 13 km, elevation gain/loss: +400/-300, estimated time out skiing: 6h


On our last full day in the mountain we ski above the tree line across the mountain following the U-shaped valley Ávtsusjvágge. This is the border between the older bedrock grinded for over billions of years and the newer mountain range created only 400 million years ago. A last downhill takes us down to Saltoluokta mountain lodge where we enjoy a hot sauna followed by dinner in the restaurant.

Distance on skis: 20 km, elevation gain/loss: +100/-400, estimated time out skiing: 7-8h


After finishing the organic breakfast in the restaurant at Saltoluokta mountain lodge it is time to leave the mountains and head back to Jokkmokk. It is time to say good-bye and start your travel home.

Tour info:

Location: Kungsleden Aktse-Saltoluokta
Date: Mar 6-11 2022
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Price: SEK 17850
Pickup: Jokkmokk, Swedish Lapland
Finish: Jokkmokk, Swedish Lapland
Group size: Maximum 12 guests


The price includes:
  • Local English and Swedish speaking guides
  • Accommodation 5 nights
  • Full board with all meals
  • All safety and skiing equipment
  • Round trip transportation from Jokkmokk
  • Transportation of luggage between huts
  • Pick-up in Luleå: SEK 1000/person
  • Drop-off in Luleå: SEK 1000/person
  • Single/double room supplement first and last night: SEK 750/person
  • Beverage at restaurants

We may need to adjust the route and the itinerary according to the conditions for the local reindeer herders, as well as current weather and snow conditions.

Do you have any question?

Send us an email to info@laponiaadventures.com
We will answer you as soon as we can.