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Sarek Adventure trek

  • On top of Skierfe
  • Reindeers in Bastav´gge
  • Hike in Sarek
  • Hike in Sarek
  • Moose watching in Rapa Valley
  • Hike in Sarek
  • Camping in Sarek
  • Hike in Rapa Valley
Experience the majestic Rapa valley

The Corona pandemic has forced us all to rethink and adapt. At Laponia Adventures we want you to feel safe when booking and traveling with us. If any rules, laws or recommendations prevent you from traveling to our destination, you can cancel your tour or activity up to two weeks before it starts and receive a full refund. We have also adjusted the number of guests allowed on this hike.

On our hike in Sarek national park we visit one of the most remote part of Europe. Trekking in Sarek, we travel across rivers and open tundra but also through barren rocky valleys and the dense vegetation down in the Rapa valley. The Rapa river, is an impressive meandering river and the fertile vegetation is a is a popular grazing area for the great Sarek moose. Sarek nationalpark is an high alpine area without any marked trail or access by road. We start our hike in Sarek along the famous Kungsleden trail and finish by the Rapa delta where we climb Skierfe, a 700-meter cliff that dives down in the meandering Rapa river. In the evening we find a place for our tents and cook dinner together on stoves. 

Sarek national park is part of the UNESCO world heritage site Laponia, protected for its unique combination of culture and nature. The Sami people and their reindeers have traveled through those valleys for thousands of years and still migrate through Sarek National park on there way from winter- to summer grassing area. 

On our hike in Sarek national park we visit one of the most remote part of Europe.

This trek is for you who…

likes challenges and wants to experience the remoteness of Sarek national park. To join this hike in Sarek you must be able to trek between 15-20 kilometer per day in terrain with moderate differences in altitude and with a backpack of around 20 kg. We will mostly follow game trails but also hike off-trail. You should be prepared for river crossings and rocky sections. Recommended age from 18 years old. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your physical ability or experience level.

Food and accommodations

Laponia Adventures have put together a menu based on local ingredients with a mix of fresh and home dried food. A typical day starts with a Swedish breakfast and in the evening, we cook dinner together in camp. As long as weather permits we will have a longer break during the day to re-energize with a lighter lunch. While trekking you will have access to snacks and fresh water from the rivers that we pass. As there are no cabins nor mountain lodges in Sarek national park we will have to carry all the food for the expedition with us.

While trekking in Sarek we sleep in high-quality Hilleberg tents made for heavy rainfall and strong winds. You’ll share a 2 or 3-person tent with another expedition member and together you’ll carry and set up the tent for the night. We provide you with 3-season sleeping bags for temperatures around zero and an inflatable insulated pads so you can sleep warm and comfortable all-night long. There are no outhouses in Sarek national park but nature offers cool toilet spots, often with scenic views.

The first and last day of the tour we will stay in a hostel where you will share room with other participants of the group. Those days you will have access to both water-toilets and showers but also access to sauna!

Guides and support team

We work with local guides who have good knowledge of the culture and history in Laponia. They are all certified guides trained in wilderness first aid or live up to the same standard or higher. Our support team will drive us to Saltoluokta and also send us updated weather forecast while trekking in Sarek.

Here you find our Terms and condition


Included meals marked each day with B=breakfast, L=lunch and D=dinner


Jokkmokk is a small town just north of the Arctic Circle most famous for its yearly winter market in the beginning of February. The first night you will stay at Jokkmokk Hostel where you will share a room with other expedition members. We meet up at 16.00 to brief you on the coming hike in Sarek before we enjoy our first meal together followed. If you arrive early we recommend you to visit Ájtte – the mountain and Sami museum. If you arrive with the bus we recommend you to get of at Åsgatan, just 100 meters from the hostel.

We arrange transfer from the airports in Luleå. Pick-up at 13.00.


We start the day with breakfast at the hostel in Jokkmokk before we pack the minibus and head west to Saltoluokta mountain lodge. Kungsleden, the most famous trail in Sweden, immediately leads us up above tree line and through a wide U-shaped valley that divides the high mountains in the west from the rolling hills of Ultevis in the east. In the evening we’ll set up our camp for the first time this week.

Hiking distance: 10-15 km, elevation gain/loss: +400/0 m, estimated time hiking: 4-6h


We continue Kungsleden to the house of a Sami family that lives down by lake Sitojaure. They will drive us in small boats to the west end of the lake where we enter the Sarek national park. Our hike in Sarek begin as we continue west to Basstavágge, a narrow and barren valley surrounded by steep hills. 

Hiking distance: 10-15 km, elevation gain/loss: +200/-150 m, estimated time hiking: 4-6h + 1h boat ride


We continue through Basstavágge through a moonlike landscape crossing several glacial rivers. The summers here are short and we may walk on some patches of snow or even across snow bridges. Our goal for the day is Bielavallda, a plateau on 1000-meters in elevation with a turquoise lake colored by the water from the glaciers in the mountains around us. 

Hiking distance: 15 km, elevation gain/loss: +250/-250, estimated time hiking: 8h


We wake up in the heart of Sarek national park by the spring of the Rapa river, an impressive meandering river that drains most of the glaciers in Sarek national park. We continue south through a rocky passage entering Snávvávágge where we set camp early. Our plan for the evening is to hike up to Låddebákte from where you can look out over the whole upper Rapa valley.  

Hiking distance: 10 km + day hike, elevation gain/loss: +200/-50, estimated time hiking: 4-6h + day hike


We continue through Snávvávágge leading us back to the Rapa Valley. We stop for lunch and try to get a glimpse of the great Sarek moose hiding in the lush vegetation by the Rapa river. A game trail takes us down into the Rapa valley and continue through the birch forest. We set camp down in the Rapa valley or on the hillside ready for the climb the following day.

Hiking distance: 15-20 km, elevation gain/loss: +100/-350, estimated time hiking: 8h


We leave the Rapa valley behind us and start climbing the hill following the northern side of the Rapa valley. As we climb the hill we can see more and more of the Rapa valley bellow us. We set camp our last camp up high, above 1000 meters in elevation.

Hiking distance: About 15 km, elevation gain/loss: +700/-350, estimated time hiking: 8-10h


We pack down our tents and get ready for our last day in the mountains. Today our route takes up and over a rocky passage before before we hike up to Skierfe, a 700-meter cliff that dives down into the turquoise colored Rapa delta. We continue east to the national park bord where we will be picked up by a helicopter and transported back to Saltoluokta mountain lodge. We’ll have a well deserved sauna before finishing the day with a three-course dinner in the restaurant. 

Hiking distance: About 10-15 km, elevation gain/loss: +300/-350, estimated time hiking: 6h


After finishing the organic breakfast in the restaurant at Saltoluokta mountain lodge it is time to say goodbye and wish you safe travels home. A boat will take you across lake Langas and we recommend you to arrange your travel home from Kebnats bus stop on the other side.

We can arrange transfer to the airports in Luleå. Drop-off at 16.00

Tour info:

Price: SEK 18250
Date: Jul 25 – Aug 2 2020
Start: Jokkmokk 16.00
End: Saltoluokta fjällstation 9.00
Group size: 4-10


The price includes:

  • Local English and Swedish speaking guide
  • Accommodation 6 nights in tent and 2 nights in hostels including bed-linen
  • All meals and snacks including 3-course dinner in Saltoluokta
  • Transfer Jokkmokk-Saltoluokta
  • Helicopter transfer Sarek national park-Saltoluokta
  • Camping equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Storage of travel luggage at Saltoluokta


  • Pick-up and drop-off at the airport in Luleå: SEK 1800 round trip
  • Upgrade to private room at Saltoluokta from SEK 350

A normal day in July offers temperatures from 10 to 20 degrees. Temperature can drop down to 5 degrees and we could get strong winds, lots of rainfall or potentially (but unlikely) snow. Depending on the year there can be mosquitos.

Special diet
Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Passport & Visa
Make sure you check the current regulations for passport and visa to travel to Sweden.

We recommend you to have valid travel insurance.

We may need to adjust the route and the itinerary according to the conditions for the local reindeer herders, as well as current weather conditions and water levels.

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