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Sulitelma and Padjelanta National Park

A hiking tour with accommodation in huts and tents

We start our hike in Padjelanta National Park with two days by Sulitelma, a high-alpine mountain area by the Norwegian border with several high peaks and large glaciers. The hike then continues along the Padjelanta trail which takes us north passing powerful mountain rivers and great mountain lakes. Along the trail we stay in huts or tents depending on the weather. To hike in Padjelanta National Park means that we travel through the summer grazing area for reindeers from several different Sami communities. In summertime, there is full activity in the Sami settlements and calf markings takes place in several different places. In the fall, the reindeers migrate east and everything calms down. The mosquitoes disappears and the autumn colors start spreading on the ground.

Our idea is to get a glimpse of the Sulitelma mountains, hike in unique protected nature and experience the Sami cultural landscape

Padjelanta national park is the largest National Park in Sweden and stretches from Sarek National Park in the east to the Norwegian border in the west. Padjelanta, or Badjelánnda as it is actually spelled in Sami, means “the high country”. The rolling hills consists of a calcareous high plateau with herb-rich mountain meadows and large mountain lakes where both trout and char have been fished for generations. People have lived here for thousands of years and if we look closely we find traces of old fireplaces and hunting pits. Padjelanta National Park is part of Laponia, an area with several National Parks and Nature Reserves that have been designated a World Heritage Site for their unique nature and cultural values.

This tour is for you…

…want to experience the remote landscape in Padjelanta National Park but still have the convenience of staying in heated cabins during the night. To join our hike in Padjelanta National Park you must to be able to hike around 15-20 km per day in hilly terrain and carry a backpack of about 15 kg. Recommended age from 18 years old. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your physical ability or experience level.

The plan is to:
  • Experience Padjelanta National Park
  • Get a glimpse of Sulitelma’s peaks and glaciers
  • Learn more about the Sami culture in the area
  • Eat well and feel good
  • Enjoy the autumn colors
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Book by filling in this booking form online. We will manually review your booking to make sure that the tour will suite you and that we still have availability. If everything looks okay we will send you a confirmation by email within shortest possible time. You will be charged a 20% deposit at time of booking and the rest 30 days before your tour starts. You can choose to pay with credit card or bank transfer.

You will be charged a 20% deposit at time of booking and the rest 14 days before your tour starts.

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Food and accommodations

During our hike in Padjelanta National Park we stay four nights in mountain cabins and three nights in tents. The last two days we have booked cabins in Akka and Kutjaure, but the rest of the week the plan is to be flexible. We sleep in tents when the weather and mood are at their best and in a cabin if we need to dry up after a rainy day in the mountains. If we camp near a cabin, you can choose to pay for an extra night in a cabin.

In the cabins, you may need to share a cabin or room with other participants from the group. When we sleep in tents, you share a tent with another participant and together you are responsible for carrying and setting up the tent for the night. You can borrow sleeping bags and inflatable sleeping pads from us. In the cabins we have neither wifi nor running water and very limited access to electricity. We all help carry water and cook dinner in the evenings. Not far from the cabins there are outhouses and when we are hiking or camping between the cabins you choose a suitable place in nature, often with a panoramic view of the mountains.

During our week in the mountains, we cook breakfast and dinner together in one of the cabins or outside the tent. This is also where we meet in the evening and talk about the mountains, life and other adventures. Food is a big part of the experience and to be able to walk in Padjelanta we want to eat well and feel good. We use a mixture of dried and fresh food and make sure you get the chance to taste some local specialties. As long as the weather allows, we have a longer break in the middle of the day to eat a lighter lunch and rest our muscles for a while.

Travel here

The tour starts in Gällivare and you can get on the night train in Stockholm in the evening and wake up in Gällivare the next morning. The night train is not only the best option for the planet, it is also an awesome experience. Book your own private compartment or just a single bed in a compartment with 3 or 6 beds. You can buy your ticket online at sj.se. If you prefer to fly, you can fly directly from Stockholm to Gällivare or to Luleå Airport and then get to Gällivare by bus or train. If you choose to fly, we recommend that you arrive a day earlier and book yourself an extra night in Gällivare before the tour begins. Book your home ticket from Gällivare.

However you choose to travel here, we recommend flexible tickets. We also recommend you to have a valid travel insurance and check passport and VISA rules for traveling to Sweden.

Arrival and departure day

We will pick you up at Gällivare train station at 9.00 day 1. After the tour we return to Gällivare around 17.00 day 8.

Stay warm and happy

During a week in Padjelanta National Park we see all kinds of weather. We can experience sunshine and +25 degrees during the day but also down to +5 degrees with heavy rain and strong winds. Night temperatures often drop down too freezing. Our packing list helps you to decide what to bring to stay warm and happy on the tour.

Packing list – Sulitelma and Padjelanta National Park>>

How heavy will my backpack be?

Expect your backpack to weigh about 15 kg when leaving our basecamp in Staddajåkk. Aim for your personal equipment with clothes and other small things to weigh around 3-4kg plus the weight of the backpack of 2-3kg. In addition, there will be about 8 kg of food, common equipment and a water bottle with water that you get from us in Jokkmokk. The total weight ends up around 15kg. But we always have some extra things that we need to be happy and comfortable, such as an extra sweater, a camera or a book. We recommend that you take the time to think through your packing and what you really need. Hiking in Padjelanta National Park becomes much more comfortable with a lighter backpack.

What about the mosquitoes?

In the mountains in the end of august it is normally more or less mosquito-free.

Small groups and authentic experience

We want you to have the best experience possible on your hike in Padjelanta National Park. Therefore, we travel in small groups of maximum 10 guests in total. All our guides live in the area and have good knowledge of the culture and history in Laponia. They are all certified guides trained in wilderness first aid or live up to the same standard or higher.

Solo travelers

Many of our guests travel on their own and don’t know anyone else in the group when arriving Jokkmokk. It is a great opportunity to find new outdoor friends. Solo travelers are of course welcome to book the tour, but we will need a minimum of three guests in total to run the tour.


Included meals marked each day with B=breakfast, L=lunch and D=dinner


We pick you up at the train station in Gällivare and continue in a minibus to Ritsem where a helicopter is waiting to fly us out to Staddajåkk. We spend the evening in the area, find a nice place for our base camp or sleep in the cottage if the weather feels too challenging.

Hiking distance: about 0-2 km, elevation gain/loss: close to 0, estimated time out hiking: 0-1h


We start the day with breakfast before we head out on a day trip in the area. If weather looks promising, we hike up one of the mountain peaks near our basecamp and hope for a view of the Sulitelma mountains and glaciers. Otherwise we stay in lower terrain and make a shorter day trip. In the evening we have dinner together and get ready for the Padjelantaleden tomorrow.

Hiking distance: about 5-20 km, elevation gain/loss: +600/-600m, estimated time out hiking: 6-8h


After breakfast we pack our backpacks and hike north along the Padjelanta trail. The trail is easy to walk and takes us along rivers, lakes and over mountains. In the evening we find a nice place to camp or stay in one oft the cabins that we pass along the way. We have dinner together and sleep well after a day in the mountains.

The trail that we follow during our hike in Padjelanta has been used since long time by the Sami people in the area. They have traveled between the settlements to visit calf-markings taking place in the area. Hiking in Padjelanta means traveling right through the summer grazing land of several Sami villages. In the summer there is full activity in the settlements, but in the autumn most of the reindeer have started their migration to the east and the reindeer herders have also followed in the same direction. Most mosquitoes have also gone away and the autumn color has started to spread on the ground.

In the evening of day 6 we’ll arrive Kutjaure Sami settlement where we will stay in cabins and eat fish from the lake right next to the settlement.

Hiking distance: about 60 km (or 15km/day), elevation gain/loss: +840/-1050m in 4 days, estimated time out hiking: 6-8h/day


After breakfast we leave Kutjaure Sami settlement and travel across the lake in small boats. Arriving the shore on the other sida we continue by foot to Akka cabins. The trail leads us through Stora Sjöfallet National Park where we experience a beautiful birch forest and several powerful mountain rivers.

Hiking distance: 14 km, elevation gain/loss: +150/-150m, estimated time out hiking: 6h


We have breakfast and walk the last 2 kilometers to the dock and take the boat to Ritsem. We’ll have lunch and for those who want there will be a chance to shower before driving back to Gällivare.

Hiking distance: 2 km, elevation gain/loss: close to 0, estimated time out hiking: less than 1 h

Tour info:

Location: Sulitelma and Padjelanta National Park
Date 2021: Aug 21-28
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Price: SEK 20950
Pickup: Jokkmokk, Swedish Lapland
Group size: Maximum 8 guests


The price includes:
  • Local English and Swedish speaking guides
  • Accommodation 7 nights
  • Full board with all meals
  • Camping and safety equipment
  • Round trip transportation from Jokkmokk
  • Extra night in cabin SEK 500/person

We may need to adjust the route and the itinerary according to the conditions for the local reindeer herders, as well as current weather and snow conditions.

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