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Experience Laponia world heritage site

At Laponia Adventures we help you experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site Laponia, with or without a guide. Few places are as relaxing as the UNESCO World Heritage Site Laponia. In parts of it, you can travel for days without seeing more than a handful of people. And most places have no phone coverage. It’s just you, the nature around you and the group you are traveling with. We look forward to giving you an unforgettable experience of our unique World Heritage Site and hope that you’ll return home full of energy and with exciting stories to share.

/Mirja & Christian

Sarek Adventure trek

Sarek is the wildest and most alpine national park in Sweden. Join our trek through the open tundra, across glacial river crossing and through the lush Rapa valley. We finish our trek by climbing Skierffe peak a 700-meter cliff that dives down in the meandering Rapa delta.

Sulitelma and Padjelanta National Park

We start our hike in Padjelanta National Park with two days by Sulitelma and continues along the Padjelanta trail which takes us north passing powerful mountain rivers and great mountain lakes. Along the trail we stay in huts or tents depending on the weather.

Yoga hike

Hike in the heart of Laponia

Discover the heart of Laponia world heritage. On a weeklong trek you will learn more about the sami culture, experience beautiful mountain scenery and get to eat freshly caught fish from the lakes. Look forward to varied hiking with a light backpack and comfortable nights in cabins.

Saltoluokta mountain retreat

Welcome you to a week with hiking, yoga and meditation at Saltoluokta mountain lodge. Leave all the stress and enjoy powerful views and recovering yoga and meditation.

Autumn weekend in Muddus

Muddus national park that is part of UNESCO world heritage site Laponia, is considered one of the most silent places in Sweden. Join or weekend-hike through old an old forest with hanging lichens and waterfalls. We cook over open fire and eat berries directly from the bushes.

Rent in reach

Rental equipment

Rent emergency senders, canoes and others equipment you’ll need for your adventures. We have tents from Hilleberg, sleeping bags and much more.

Laponia Adventures – Experience the UNESCO world heritage site