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Sarek Winter Course

How to camp in the arctic mountains

On the Sarek winter course you will be guided to the best way to deal with arctic winter conditions. The week will give you an introduction to winter camping and prepare you for future camping trips on your own. We travel through the deep valleys in the national park where your instructor will teach you how to navigate, set safe camps and sleep warm all night long. During four days and three nights you will get a glimpse of what the Sarek national park has to offer.

In Sarek national park you will find few signs of modern society. Impressive U-shaped valleys are carved by glaciers during millions of years and are still covered by meters of snow from November to the end of May. This is the home to foxes, wolverines and moose that all have found a way to survive in this open landscape.

The Sarek winter course will prepare you for future camping trips on your own

This course is for you want to expand your outdoor skills and learn how camp out in the arctic winter. You should be familiar with skiing and have earlier experience from backcountry camping in the summer. We will carry all gear in sledges and travel a daily distance of 10-15 kilometers. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your physical ability or experience level.

Laponia Adventures values nutritious food made from real ingredients and put a lot of effort into preparing the menu for this course. A typical day starts with a Swedish breakfast heated up on backcountry stows and in the evening, we cook dinner together in the tent. Our dinners are inspired by local food from the Sami culture as well as more general Swedish food. As long as weather permits we will have a longer break during the day to eat a lighter lunch and re-energize.

We start the course with one night in a cozy mountain cabin without electricity or running water. In the huts and we all help with the daily duties as carrying water or chopping wood to the fire. During the coming 3 nights, we stay in high-quality Hilleberg tents made for heavy snow and strong winds. You’ll share a 3-person tent with another course member and together you’ll carry and learn how to set up the tent. The first night you’ll be coached on how and where to set it up and after that you’ll have two more nights to practice your skills. We provide you with sleeping bags for winter temperature and double insulated pads so you can sleep warm all-night long.

There are no outhouses in Sarek national park but nature offers cool toilet spots, often with scenic views and a great opportunity to look for northern lights. The last day of the tour we will stay in a hostel where you will share room with other participants of the group. This last day you will have access to water-toilets, showers and a sauna.

We work with local guides who have good knowledge of the culture and history in Laponia. They are all certified guides trained in wilderness first aid or live up to the same standard or higher. This course will start and end with a snowmobile transfer that brings us to and from Sarek national park. During our time in the mountain we will be on our own but have regular contact with our team back home to get updated information about weather forecast etc.


Included meals marked each day with B=breakfast, L=lunch and D=dinner

We’ll pick you up at 9.00 by the bus station in Jokkmokk, a small town just north of the Arctic Circle. We brief you on the upcoming week and go over your personal equipment before travelling west to Seitevare (about 1h) where we have lunch. We continue by snowmobile (1,5h) towards Sitojaure mountain cabin, our destination for the day. The last stretch you will get a chance to test your skis.

Distance on skis: about 8 km, elevation gain/loss: close to 0 m, estimated time out skiing 3h

We arrange transfer from the airports in Luleå. Pick-up latest 18.00 the day before.

We start the day with a generous “mountain breakfast” and guide you through how to pack efficient and effective. As we approach the Sarek national park we get used to the new equipment and after about 10 km we find a nice spot to call home. Together we build our camp for the night and talk about key points for safe camping. We’ll have lunch on the way brought in thermoses and then cook a hearty dinner at camp in the evening that will keep us warm all night. During the next three nights, you will sleep in pairs in roomy high-quality tents from Hilleberg.

Distance on skis: about 10 km, elevation gain/loss: +100 m, estimated time out skiing: 6h

After our first breakfast in the wild we continue northwest following the steep mountainside of Ähpar mountain. During the day, we introduce some navigation skills and talk about safety considerations for winter expeditions.

Distance on skis: about 10 km, elevation gain/loss: +100 m, estimated time out skiing: 6h

All our winter trips in Sarek national park have a planned extra day to give us the flexibility to respond to weather and snow conditions. This day could be used for a daytrip if weather permits or an opportunity to practice different kind of emergency shelters.

We ski out of the national park circling the volcano shaped peak Sluggá. A snowmobile (1h) will take us the last stretch to Saltoluokta mountain lodge where we finish the course with a well-deserved sauna and a three-course dinner in the restaurant.

Distance on skis: about 8 km, elevation gain/loss: +50/-150 m, estimated time out skiing: 4h

After finishing the organic breakfast in the restaurant at Saltoluokta mountain lodge it is time to say good-bye and wish you safe travels home. We recommend you to book your ticket home from Kebnats bus stop 4 kilometers from Saltoluokta mountain lodge.

Saltoluokta mountain lodge offers snowmobile transfer to Kebnats.

We can arrange transfer to the airports in Luleå. Drop-off earliest 13.00

Course info:

Price: SEK 13 950
Date: Mar 5-10 2018
Start: Jokkmokk 9.00
End: Saltoluokta fjällstation 9.00
Group size: 6-12


The price includes:

  • Local English and Swedish speaking guides
  • Accommodation 3 nights in tents
  • Accommodation 1 night in mountain cabin
  • Accommodation 1 nights in hostels including bed-linen
  • All meals and snacks including 3-course dinner in Saltoluokta
  • Transfer Jokkmokk-Seitevare
  • Safety equipment
  • Ski equipment and transport sledge
  • Camping equipment
  • Snowmobile support to and from Sarek national park
  • Storage of travel luggage and transport to Saltoluokta


  • Pick-up and drop-off at the airport in Luleå: SEK 1500 round trip
  • Upgrade to private room at Saltoluokta SEK 325-640
  • Snowmobile transfer Saltoluokta-Kebnats SEK 150

A normal day offers temperatures from -5 to -15 degrees Celsius with wind speeds around 5-15 m/s. Night temperatures can drop down to -30 but normally stays above -20. You should be prepared to travel in some hard and uncomfortable dry or wet weather.

Special diet
Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Passport & Visa
Make sure you check the current regulations for passport and visa to travel to Sweden.

We recommend you to have valid travel insurance.

We may need to adjust the route and the itinerary according to the conditions for the local reindeer herders, as well as current weather and snow conditions.

In co-operation with:
Fjällaktiv Lappland

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