Outdoor Support

To plan a successful hike or ski tour for your self or friends and family is not always easy. Where should you go? What should you bring? Where can you rent equipment? And how do you get there? The Outdoor support can help you with your adventure.

Route planning

Planning an adventure in a new place that you don’t know can be quite intimidating. Especially if you don’t speak the language they use where you are going. The support team at Laponia adventures has years of experience from planning tours and expeditions in Laponia with surroundings. We can help you plan your route, point out some of our best secret spots and put together a packing list for you.

Price example

One hour planning including packing list and map SEK 675

Guided transports

When you are short on time you don’t want to be waiting for buses or hike long distances to get to the national park you want to experience. Neither do you want do spend time finding the right transportation for your adventure. We can help you setting up transfers from the airport in Luleå or Gällivare as well as find you a snowmobile transport or helicopter drop-off to the national park border.

Price example

Guided transfer Luleå airport – Jokkmokk SEK1500/person min 2 persons
Guided snow mobile transport Ritsem – Akkastugorna SEK380/person min 2 persons
Please contact us for more information


Travelling back home in sweaty long johns or uncomfortable ski boots is normally not the highlight of your vacation. Neither is extra weight on your back when skiing or hiking. Store your travel gear at Laponia Adventures in Jokkmokk or Gällivare and pick it up on your way home. If you prefer we can also organize transportation for your luggage to where your route ends.

Price example

Storage one week with pickup and drop off service at train station in Jokkmokk/Gällivare SEK 350

Preparation service

Food, equipment, fuel, you need a lot for you trip and probably you can’t or don’t want to travel with all that. Maybe the connections are to tight for you to have time to by food and fuel in-town. We rent out equipment and can purchase both food and fuel for you so it’s all ready when you arrive. We can also deliver it to the train station in Gällivare or the bus station in Jokkmokk.

Price example

Purchase of food and fuel for a small group of 2-5 persons with delivery to bus station in Jokkmokk from SEK 750 + cost of food and fuel

Backup support

Our most common subject to talk about in Sweden is probably the weather. And most of our activities in the outdoors are quite weather depending. We can provide you with a satellite phone or an inreach se+ and update you with the latest weather forecast. Or we can deliver a re-ration of food to the middle of your hike. Or simply be your backup support when needed.

Price example

One week of backup support with weather rapports each day SEK 650 + Satellite phone/Inreach rental fee

Customized tours

Your wife is turning 50 and you want to give her something special. Or none of our regular tours fits with your plans but you still want to experience the world heritage of Laponia. We can work out a special made program for you and your friends where you will have your own guide and your own adventure.

Price example

Three days guided tour four persons including food and lodging from SEK 5900/person