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Jokkmokk Winter market 2018

Already over 400 years ago people in the north gathered around Jokkmokk to trade fur, silver and other necessities. In the winter, the lakes where frozen and it was easy for merchants to travel longer distances. In the beginning of the 17th century the Swedish king wanted to control the northern territories and saw this as an excellent opportunity to establish a permanent market place to be able to draw taxes from the people.

The market is still a yearly event and has developed to a festival including the market, exhibitions and lectures about the Sami people and the conditions in the north. There are also a great range of activities for you to be part of. Laponia Adventures invite you to come with us and experience the arctic light, our ski culture and search for the Sarek moose.

Jokkmokk Winter Market Activity offer – 3650kr 
Including Searching for the Sarek moose, Skiing in the forest and Arctic light snowshoe hike (for more info see below)
Join one or two activities per day during your time in Jokkmokk
This offer is only if you book directly with Laponia Adventures.
It does not include any accommodation.

Searching for the Sarek moose
Protected from the yearly hunting season the Sarek moose grow bigger than its relatives. In the winter, they migrate down to the forest area east of Sarek national park where they find food and protection from the harsh environment in the mountain. Follow us on a minibus journey where we take you to some of the moose’s favorite places.

Before we head back to Jokkmokk we stop to prepare a typical road-lunch cooked on a muurikka. The muurikka frying pan was invented in Finland during the seventies thanks to a man craving for pancakes. It is now widely used in the north of Sweden to cook tasty outdoor meals using the heat from a fire. You will learn how to use the muurikka to prepare lunch where we combine the wild taste of moose meet with fresh veggies and lingonberries.

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Daily departure February 1st-4th
Starting time: 8.00
Duration: 5h
Meeting point: Outside Hotel Akerlunds
Group size: min 4
Price: SEK 1490

Skiing in the forest
In a land covered by snow for half of the year skiing have always been an important way of travelling. The oldest ski in the world, found in the north of Sweden is over 5000 years old. It has a wooden structure and was used together with a shovel-shaped pole. Join us on a ski trip through the snow-covered forest followed by a Swedish “fika”.

We’ll let you taste some of our local specialties including reindeer and fish, important ingredients in everyday life of people living in the north. Even if you can’t grow coffee here it has become part of the culture. It is believed to solve any problem, small or big, and we will show you the secret behind how to prepare it the local way.

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Daily departure January 31st-February 4th
Starting time: 14.00
Duration: 3h
Meeting point: Outside Hotel Akerlunds
Group size: min 4
Price: SEK 1190

Arctic light snowshoes hike
Discover the artic lights that brighten the long polar nights. We travel on snowshoes through the snow-covered forest climbing a hill to the viewpoint. In the heat from the fire we have dinner together while glancing to the sky, hoping for a glimpse of the northern light. Jokkmokk has a strong Sami culture and we buy reindeer meet directly from the reindeer herders. Taste our version of the popular reindeer stew heated up on the flames from the fire.

The fire has provided people with safety and heat for thousands of years. Its light reflects in the snow on the surrounding trees sending a sparkling light back. The northern light has always affected people and in some cultures, it was believed to be magic or even dangerous.

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Daily departure January 31st-February 3th
Starting time: 18.00
Duration: 3-4h
Meeting point: Outside Hotel Akerlunds
Group size: min 4
Price: SEK 1390