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Travel information

Centrally located Laponia Adventures is in perfect position to kick off your adventure. For our tours and expeditions we use the locations Jokkmokk, Gällivare, Saltoluokta and Ritsem as start and end points. Those are also the locations from where you can pick up equipment you rent from us.

You can reach us by plan, train and bus or a mix of all! Find your location bellow and learn the options.

Train (most environmental friendly option)
Night train from Stockholm to Murjek, then bus to Jokkmokk. (We recommend that you book the whole trip on the same ticket.)

From Stockholm to
– Luleå, then train and/or bus (3-4h) to Jokkmokk
– Gällivare, then Flygtaxi and bus (2-3h) to Jokkmokk
– Arvidsjaur, then bus/shuttle to Jokkmokk (Also direct flights from Europe)

Train (most environmental friendly option)
Night train from Stockholm to Gällivare

From Stockholm to:
– Gällivare airport (15 minutes from the center by Flygtaxi)
– Luleå airport, then train and/or bus (about 3-5h) to Gällivare.
– Kiruna airport, then train or bus (1-2h) to Gällivare

Bus 93
Arrive to Gällivare either by plane, train or bus, then take the bus to Kebnats (Saltoluokta) or Ritsem.
(We recommend that you book your whole trip on the same ticket.)

– From Kebnats to Saltoluokta it is a 3-4 km long ski trail in the winter or a short boat ride (10 min) in summer.

SJ train and/or bus tickets
LTNBD for information about buses in the region
Nextjet fly to Gellivare and Arvidsjaur
Norwegian fly to Luleå and Kiruna
SAS fly to Luleå and Kiruna
Fly-car fly directly from Europe to Arvidsjaur
Gällivare airport: Flygtaxi
Kiruna airport: Flygtaxi, Flygbuss
Luleå airport: Flygtaxi, Flygbuss
Arvidsjaur airport: For transfer to Jokkmokk please contact us

We can also arrange private transfer from all the airports. Please contact us for more information and a price quote.