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Guided activities

Sparkling snow and dancing northern lights, midnight sun or autumn colors. Discover the world heritage site Laponia, protected for its unique combination of culture and nature. We are where you dream about going on your vacation. Let us guide you to our favorite places.

Hiking tours

Dreaming of Sarek National Park
During six days, we travel through dense vegetation in the Rapa valley, across open tundra and through barren valleys with surrounding glaciers. Our hike begins by the Rapa delta where we climb Skierfe, a 700-meter cliff that dives down in the meandering Rapa river.

Laponia Retreat Yoga hike
Far away from stress of modern life we welcome you to a week of pure natural mental rest. The hike takes you on a unique mountain journey along the King’s trail where we stay in cozy mountain huts and experience the recovering power of yoga and meditation.

Autumn colors in Laponia
Every fall, the mountain turns into a spectacular show in different shades of red and yellow. Our hike starts in a virgin birch forest where the leaves are shifting from green to yellow. We travel along the famous King’s trail, staying in mountain huts heated with firewood.

Skiing tours

Sarek ski expedition
On this expedition you will be a part of a team exploring the deep valleys of Sarek national park. Surrounded by nothing but pure nature you will experience the wild and overwhelming silence from an area untouched by modern society.

Padjelanta winter experience
Skiing across Padjelanta national park we follow natural paths through a wide-open landscape Surrounded by rolling hills and great lakes we’ll pass close to the most remote point in Sweden, as far as possible from any roads and signs of modern society.

Kungsleden deluxe
This is a supported ski tour that takes you from Kvikkjokk to Saltoluokta mountain lodge. We travel light through snow-covered virgin forest and across wide-open alpine landscape staying in cozy mountain cabins.

Laponia ski tour
We ski with light backpacks from hut to hut and discover the world heritage around the majestic Ahkka Mountain. From the huts we do daytrips, depending on the group we might climb a smaller peak or relax in a sunny wind protected snow couch.
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Lynx watching in the lost valley
Deep in the mountains of Laponia, we have heard of a place where chances to spot the wild cat of the mountains are promising. On the rocky hillside behind the hut this shy animal have been seen and if we are lucky we can spot them through binoculars in a distance.


Jokkmokk winter market holiday
Already over 400 years ago people in the north gathered around Jokkmokk to trade fur, silver and other necessities. In the winter, the lakes where frozen and it was easy for merchants to travel longer distances. The market is still a yearly event with visitors from all over the world.

Day tours

Day tours in Jokkmokk
Visit Jokkmokk and join one of our day tours. Search for the great Sarek moose, ski in the forest just outside Jokkmokk or discover the arctic light.